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FCS is a surf brand that provides fins and surf accessories with a high quality and functional input for more tan 20 years now.

Until 1995, all the surfboards came with glass-on fins, but the surfer Brian Whitty come up with a box sistem that allows to change the fins, making the boards more versatile and easy to travel with.

FCS is not just fins.

With a high quality surf accessories, FCS is consider now-a-days as one of the most strong core surf brands. With a several surfers on the WSL circuit, the fins, grips or leashes are always a good choice to improve the performance of the board.

Looking for a reliable leash? The FCS leashes comes on every length and you can choose a comp, regular or big wave measures to feel safe and sound on the water thanks to the high resistant poliuretane cord. The railsaver avoids damages on the board and the stainless steel of the swivels will mantain the board close to you.

The surfbag is an essential for your surfboard.

If FCS is also well known for the quality of the surfboard bags. Allways cutting the edge, you can find a surf bag for your needs.

Are you always on the road? Try their travel bags and take your quiver with you without worry.

Dou you have several boards? Try their sock board bags and choose between their multiple designs, so you will never mix up your boards.

For the adventurers.

Planing a surf trip? You like to go on the road without plans? The FCS technical backpacks are perfect to get lost with oyur equipment and take everything with you; the wetsuit, fins or the poncho. All in the same place.

FCS II; The latest invention on fins.

In the middle of 2013 FCS presented the last thing from them, the FCS II fin system.

Without screws and making a better conection bettewn fin and board, mantains the compatibility with the old system. The FCS II fin system improves the durability of the board and avoid serious damages when the fin gets hit.

In Tablas Surf Shop we have a great catalogue of FCS productos. If you don´t find what you are looking for, contact us. We have an expert surf team to seek for advise.

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