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Pukas is surfing

And it has been since they formed their first board in 1973. Pukas is a family business based in the Basque Country whose main purpose is to offer boards, clothes, bikinis and swimsuits of the highest quality. With a special emphasis on design, style and functionality, the table factory has managed to position itself as one of the most important in Europe. Becoming a worldwide incense of its roots, good quality and good surfing.

Surfboards, championships and professional surfers

With the evolution in quality and innovations in their shapes, professional surfers arrived. People like Sunny Garcia or Gabriel Medina have taken (and won championships) models for loose beach waves to performance boards prepared to go deep into the tube in Mundaka.
But the names of the pro's are not the only ones that sound strong within 'the factory', their world-renowned shapers are those that generate the models of tables that raise passions on the beaches of half the world Do they sound like something?


Axel Lorentz: The French shaper has known how to evolve the best-selling Pukas models and adapt them to the most common demands of surfers. Performance tables such as Juicy or the versatile SixtyNiner are his creations. Not to mention the well-known Pukas Dark, the surfboard that dazzled Mick Fanning in Stab in the Dark.

Matt Biolos: The renowned American shaper of Lost Sufboards, has created a collaboration from which one of his best sellers has emerged. Pukas 'The Link' in polyester or in 'carbon wrap' has raised passions and has become one of the most surfed boards on our coasts.

Chris Christenson: If you are a lover of retro surfing and alternative shapes and designs, this shaper will make your favorite 'toys'. Chris Christenson's Fish is one of the best boards to slide along the wall of the wave and carvear putting all the weight on the heels. Another of his candies, the Bonneville longboard, a noserider with features taken care of in detail.

Bob McTavis: The Byron Bay shaper who has been creating handmade boards for more than 50 years also has his place in the Pukas factory. Boards such as Sumo or Bobsled are recognized for their inspiration in the waves for classic Australian surfing.

You also have to dress

And Pukas are not just surfboards. It has its own line of clothing, bikinis, swimsuits and accessories based on its philosophy; the care for detail and the fixation for designs that transmit a cosmopolitan lifestyle while maintaining deep roots in its beginnings.
T-shirts in which you can take your favorite table model everywhere, or sensual bikinis with which to highlight your figure You decide your favorite garment!

In Tablas Surf Shop we have a surf team experts to help you. If needed, you can contact us.

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