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TBLS Pro is our performance surfboard brand where you can find wide window of templates, from high performance and powerful waves to classic surfboards. Designed with the expert surfer in mind, TBLS Pro is made with the best materials putting a insight on a loving care details. High quality with a incredible price.

Fryend: A truly allrounder, you’ll be surprised with its turn qualities and the easy paddle onto the wave.

Boxer: High performance surfboard for beach breaks. Dseigned to do the best on poor conditions.

Kryptonita: Based on Hayden Shapes famous design, this board is the most versatile of our catalogue.

GO: Do you se a classic twin fin fish here? Once in the water you’ll feel it like a pregressive board. Trust us, you will fall in love with it.

Malibu: If you like the relaxing surfing but don’t want the measures of a longboard, the malibu is what are you looking for. Easy and stable to ride, is a very good choice too for beginners.

Longboard Classic: For those surfers who wants to go with the flow and glide on the wave, TBLS Pro has also a Longboard model.

Do you now the best yet? All the TBLS Pro boards comes with fins for free!

If in doubt, contact us. We have an experienced surf team to seek for advice. Also we made custom orders.

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