Surfboards Ride Guarantee


Afraid to choose the wrong surfboard? We give you some help!

With our surfboard ride guarantee you’ll never get the wrong board, because now you can try it for 30 days, and if you got the wrong model or size, you can change it for another one that fits better with you. We want you to surf with the best material available!
How must be the board on return?
We know that a surfboard with 30 days of use has some pressure marks and it’s ok. It doesn’t matter either that you have put the pad or you have had more or less sessions, the board just need to be good looking. How this works? It’s very easy, keep reading:


Following steps to change the board

1. Send an email to
2. Attach to the e-mail the delivery number and two photos, deck and bottom, of the surfboard without wax (make sure not to damage the board with the wax scraper).
3. We will give you the feedback with the resolution if you can get the guarantee or not. The guarantee will never be effective if the board has not arrived to the shop.
4. Once we give you feedback, you can choose your new surfboard. You just have to make an order and send us an e-mail with the delivery number.
5. At the time you get the brand new surfboard, unpack it carrefully and use the packinging to wrap the surfboard you want to change.
6. Send us the surfboard to the following adress:

Tablas Surf Shop
Paseo del muro de San Lorenzo 4
33202- Gijón
Teléfono: 0034-985354700


7. When we have the surfboard on our shop and we confirm that everything is ok, we proceed to give the Money back on the same payment method it was use don the purchase.



1. The guarantee is limited to one person per year.
2. To be able to change the surfboard, this has to be purchased withing 30 days. Once the change is confirm, the first board has to be sent to Tablas Surf Company withing 5 labor days.
3. The boards has to come without wax or stickers. Otherwise a 15€ charge will be applied.
4. Take out the pad or another accessories (ie: go pro mount) from the board can generate damage that will cancel the guarantee.
5. The custom boards, second hand or the ones with discount are out of the guarantee.
6. The board that you change has to be on perfect conditions, just with some pressure marks. That surfboards that has damage or very pronunce pressure marks will NOT be admited on the guarantee surfboard change.
7. Don’t worry if you putt he pad. Is not something that get you out of the guarantee, but we will no cover the price of those accessories.
8. You will be responsable of the board back untill we get it. The damage happened on the delivery will not make you out of the change, but will change the surfboard value. Our recommendation is to send the surfboard with a delivery insurance.
9. You will know the final value of the surfboard once we have it and we had check it out.
10. The only thing to pay is the delivery outlay and 50€ as administration costs.


For more Info and help, please contact us thru

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